Taking a Peak on the Wrong side

We have to admit that we only think about the benefits we can get every time we do money transfer to India. We always look into the brighter side, and that is of course necessary to always look for the good things. What we do not know that we also have to look what is on the flip page. We might be surprised because we have been expecting too much from the promises of the benefits that we have read first. So that is why, it is always important to always consider the two sides of the coin. We might be amazed with how simple the process gets, not until we have known the cons. One of these is how can your recipient convert the money sent electronically into a real one. It might take a lot of process and credentials before they can even lay their hands on the money. It could take time. Another is the fee that comes with sending could hurt a lot especially if the money can be put to a better use. So never be afraid of getting the picture of both sides. 

Posted on Wed 08 February 2017
by Vera
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