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Our own Little Contribution


We can right all the reasons we have to be concerned about the environment but ASBEX can help us see to it one by one. At first, we might never think about how much effect we impose in the environment so we care less about what we are doing.


Even if it is just simple actions, it might still lead to further events as effects after the other might pile up and then become a major concern in the future. We must be aware of the impact that we have on the environment. We might never know how negative is our impact on the environment. We must be aware as early as possible so we would be able to make a difference with how we live. We never have to involve ourselves into some sort of organization that we can say we are concerned about the environment.


We can be just concerned in our own selves. We can do little things one by one in our own little ways. We can have our personal contribution in making this world a better place. The earth does not ask too much of us but it only wants us to be concerned about the actions we take.


Posted on Fri 19 May 2017
by Vera
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